Saturday, 29 November 2008

Welcome to Maisie Paisley

This is my new for my first post I thought I would give you all a Christmas gift of some of my postcards....please copy them if you wish...and remember to drop by soon :)

Love Maisie x

Good Ideas

Look at this lovely idea by Donna Hay...whilst browsing the web I decided to look at her new she promotes all items from her recent magazines...which are widely available throughout the world....This is a lovely idea and so in time for Christmas...I think I might even make one myself!

It is made from all different sized lace doileys....sewn together here, some on top of others onto a plain linen sheet with the edges left raw...this is a beautiful idea and will look lovely on your festive table this Christmas....need any more ideas from this style Guru?

Then visit her website at by clicking HERE